Clandestine Industries

Since I was a little kid, I loved dressing up - creating armor to wear out in the regular world past my imagination… In 2005, Clandestine began kind of out of sheer boredom. I never really felt like there was a brand at the time that captured what I felt like. It was a mix of punk rock and streetwear and skateboarding and film. Soon enough, it grew beyond just bleaching clothes in my parents’ attic as uniforms for Warped Tour… to a capsule collection with DKNY Jeans, and then Nordstrom, to a brick and mortar store in Chicago and even walking- or rather being wheeled down the catwalk of our first fashion show in a straight jacket with a Hannibal lector mask on… Clandestine was born out of fun, and when it stopped being fun I let it ride off into the sunset. And let it go dormant, after a lack of inspiration and feeling a bit lost. Sitting at home during the pandemic, I went through the archives in my storage and really missed so much of the energy. I remembered wanting to wear that armor out in the world. Now after a few trips around the globe - in and out of second-hand clothing shops on the other side of the planet - we’re back…

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Founded in the famously glamorous venue of Pete’s parent’s attic in Wilmette, Illinois. DCD2 records was based on creating a band of weirdos who perpetrated anarchist antics without permission.

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